Create, edit and assign shifts

Our seamless scheduling and rostering helps you assign, edit, create, and delete shifts as and when you need. You could also manage your support workers efficiently by creating recurring shifts, preventing overlaps, assigning open shifts, and more.

Shift scheduling made easy with our custom designed software made to cater to the needs of NDIS and aged care providers.

Create shifts
Compliance management for NDIS

Compliance management for NDIS

Documentation is a crucial job for every NDIS provider and hence we give paperless compliance a top priority. With our comprehensive software, you would not have to worry about expiring documentation and human errors as the software will do it all for you.

Say goodbye to compliance issues and say hello to regular notifications and always staying compliant.

Automated invoicing and billing

Automated invoicing and billing

Invoices are a huge part of any NDIS business and hence we give you smart and automated invoices that save you both time and energy. Our software generates invoices for you by tracking all aspects of billing and helping you generate a detailed report as you go.

Generate invoices that help you claim the rightful amount without having to worry about missing a row or a zero.


Integrated Software(S) For Seamless Operation

We have integrations with all leading accounting and management software to help you manage your business at a one stop shop. Integrate MYOB, Xero, Key Pay, QuickBooks, and more to keep working on a single software. Worry less about switching applications and work endlessly.

Integrations that help you take the stress off and work on a one stop shop from anywhere and everywhere.

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An industry like yours, deserves a simple solution!

At eZaango Care Partners, we aim to provide customized solutions that cater to your business needs in an efficient manner. Our goal is to reduce human effort and error so that all human efforts can focus on providing care instead of focusing on day-to-day administration tasks. We want to minimize all pain points for NDIS and aged-care providers so that they get a seamless service without worrying about redundant and strenuous everyday tasks.

Few of our customised features are:

Seamless shift scheduling for continuous work
Efficient data management
Compliance management
Integrated mobile app for staff 'on-the-go'
Automated billing
Shift notes to track client's progress
Timesheets for easy trackability
Rostering that encourages engagement
Interactive engagement between participants and care providers

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